Perfect Valor Credits

Written & Directed by:
David C. Taylor

Narrated by:
Fred Dalton Thompson

Produced by:
Matilda Bode
David C. Taylor
David N. Bossie

Executive Producer:
Kevin Knoblock
Craig Haffner
Lionel Chetwynd
David N. Bossie

Edited by:
Amy Overbeck

Director of Photography:
Matthew A. Taylor

Music by:
Michael Josephs

Production Manager:
Jennifer E. Lawrence

Additional Sequences Directed by:
Matilda Bode

Director of Re-enactments:
Spencer Parker

Post Production Supervisor:
Matthew A. Taylor

Production Coordinator:
Lauren Fleming

Additional Photography:
Eric Seguim-Arnold
Ray Brislin
Jody Eldred
Greg Harshbarger
Sgt. Ted MacDonald
Wayne McConnell
Allen Rosen
Dain Valverde
Carl Whitney
Geoffrey Thorpe-Willett

Richard S. Lowry

Sound Technicians:
Dave Coulter
John Craig
Dale Detoni
Steve Koehler
Cary Lane
Ron Lehr
Zico Orozco
Brian Ware
Todd Wawers
Rob Wernette

James Carr
Craig Kauffman
Jason Quinn
Doug Wallick
Mike Wilson

Special Effects Make-Up:
Paul Goldblatt

Associate Editor / Graphics:
Matthew A. Taylor

Sound Mixer:
Phelps Kelly

Lauren Meschter

J.T. Mastranadi
Christopher Cook
Judy Cook

Production Assistants:
Michael Catts
Serena Eldridge
Bryan Kauffman
Robert Kramer

Legal Counsel:
Michael Boos

Lauren Catts

Matt Palumbo

Public Relations:
Will Holley

Clark Vandeventer

Website Design:
Kirk Risinger
a Chewy Creation

Special Thanks:
Lt. Gen. Richard F. Natonski
Col. Jenny Holbert
Lt. Col. John Arsenault
Lt. Col. David Benhoff
Lt. Col. William Peeples
Lt. Col. Jeff Riley
Sgt. William Schaefer
Master Gunnery Sgt. Steve Williams
History Division, US Marine Corps
National Museum of the Marine Corps
Stu Segall
Henninger Media Services

Infocision Management Corporation:
Gary Taylor
Carl Albright
Heidi Dougherty
Brad White
Nate Drushell
Josh Kaluzne
Mike Shonk
Dan Revlock

The Omada Group:
Todd Grable
Matt Palumbo

Lance Davis

HSP Direct:
Jamie Hogan
Amy Paul
Matt Schenk

Mike Murray
Greg Christman

Archival Footage Provided by:
Family of Cpl. Richard Nelson
WTMJ-TV and Journal Broadcast Group, Inc.
Master Gunnery Sgt Steve Williams
Marine Corps Motion Picture
Department of Defense
Sgt. Jason Arellano
Dr. Richard Jadick
Stu Segall Productions
Col. Jenny Holbert

Archival Photographs Provided by:
1st Battalion, 8th Marines Regiment, 2nd Marine Division
Christine Knight
Dan Hoedl
Dr. Richard Jadick
Family of Cpl. Richard Nelson
Fedler Photographic Studio
Getty Images
Journal Sentinel Inc.
Katy Bonkoski
Lt. Col. David Benhoff
Lt. Gen. Richard Natonski
Major Guillermo Rosales Jr.
Sgt. Jason Arellano
SSgt. Jeremiah Workman

Special Appreciation to:
The Members and Supporters of the Citizens United Foundation

Board of Directors of Citizens United Foundation:
Brian Berry
David N. Bossie
Douglas L. Ramsey
John Bliss
Kirby Wilbur
Ron Robinson

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Peace River Company, LLC